Philosophy in Relation to Poverty

Philosophy in Relation to Poverty


On our first session, everything was ready. The venue, the child to be interviewed and the rest were all set. We were excited and at the same time nervous as all first timers would always feel. First time to meet the child, first time to work with the group, first time to encounter this kind of activity that sir Leonardo Garcia had given us.

What we did first was of course prepared ourselves before going to the house where the child resides. When we got there we thought that their house is not that bad at all and also the place. We talked to the mom and asked for her consent. The child was not at their home, so his friend called him and there we saw him walking with his friends. We asked him if he’s ready, he nodded. We brought him to Rogelio’s place. Before asking him questions we introduced ourselves first. We were having hard time familiarizing with him because all he could answer was a nod or a no. Coincidentally, during the interview, there was one kid that was very “makulit and sabat ng sabat”. We decided to change our interviewee. And there we have Rico.


Name: Rico De Los Santos
Age: 8 years old
Address: Nagtahan, Pureza, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Education: - Grade 2
- Pio Del Pilar Elementary School Pureza, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Mother’s occupation: Housewife
Father’s occupation: Maintenance(Bulacan)
Siblings: eldest sister – college student
elder brother – grade 4

Physical Description:

Height: 4’ – 4’5” ft.
Weight: 40 lbs.
Complexion: fair
Hair color: dark brown
Body build: skinny

Family Background:

There are five members in Rico’s family. His mother a housewife, his father works in Bulacan, his ate is a college student, and his kuya is a grade 4 student. They live in a concrete but old and small house. They sleep together in one room. Their means of bonding is going to church and market. He is not that close with his siblings. They eat three times a day. Her...

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