Philosophy of Aquinas

Philosophy of Aquinas

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The phrase that he uses is “that, than which no greater can be conceived” because he doesn’t want the idea of God to be limited by what we may be able to conceive and he doesn’t want to suggest that a positive conception of God may be entirely comprehensible to us.
2. In what two ways may “the fool” say in his or her heart, “There is no God”?
One way is that he might just have words in mind without really understanding what they mean and is ignoring what he means by the words he is using. Another way is that he may understand what it is he is denying.
3. Study carefully the steps in Anselm’s argument. Write down questions you have about its correctness
1. What does he mean by there is no greater conceived but God, if he says that there is no God
2. He says God does not exist, but in step number 9, he says So God exists.

Pg. 220 #1-5
1. How did Aquinas understand the reason and divine revelation?
He understood reason and divine relation by reading the bible and understanding the gospels in them. He combined all the facts together to correctly understand the Theology of God.

2. What phenomenon does Aquinas think Aristotle has overlooked?
He overlooks the concept of “existence”. He takes existence for granted and when he is pursuing what he calls “first” philosophy, he notes that form is prior to substances; it is form that makes a substance real. Form is what actualizes, and what transformed a potentiality into existence.

What is the double composition of material substances? In what way are purely intellectual substances simpler? Are they absolutely simple?

The double composition is the union of form and matter, this union joined to existence. The impler do not have a material component but still are a composite of form and existence.

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