Philosophy a Preparation for Death

Philosophy a Preparation for Death

Socrates once said "Philosophy is a preparation for death." His meaning is unclear by statement, but through explanation and an open mind, his point can be made. I would agree with Socrates and his view on philosophy because of his simple explanations on seemingly complex ideas. Through explanation, I will defend Socrates' quote as valid and truthful.

To understand this quote, first you must understand what philosophy and death mean. Philosophy is the love of knowledge as translated by the latin roots of the word. Death, as defined by Socrates is the separation of the body from the soul. Socrates' view on death was that it is not something to be feared because he was concerned more with knowledge than his body. Now the world around us is a distraction in the mind of a philosopher, and truth and knowledge can only be attained when that distraction is removed.

Death is a controversial topic that most people are scared to talk about or even think about. However, Socrates is saying that it is something not to be feared, but rather held in the highest regard. For if life is about the search for knowledge and truth, would death be the removal of the distraction that prevents you from understanding this? To me it is unknown if this is true or not, but the message about knowledge from an objective point of view.

What is it about philosophy that prepares you for death one may ask. Is it the knowledge that goes along with it, or is it the thought process that is introduced in philosophy. It seems as though Socrates means that through philosophy, one would gain knowledge of the death experience, therefore making it less frightening. However in my own thoughts, I would see philosophy as a question of thought bringing forth the answer to those thoughts through death.

There are many different views that can be taken about this passage from Socrates, however there is no definite answer to be given. The thoughts that are prevoked by such a bold...

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