Strategies to create/foster positive command climate
To begin to repair the command climate and support the command philosophy we will address the discipline issue. Platoon Sergeants and SNCOICs will be expected to maintain a mentorship folder on their Marines. Monthly mentorship is the cornerstone of developing Marines ethics, values, esprit de corps, and morale. Mentorship is not a one way conversation but instead will be a dialogue opened up between the individual Marine and his supervisor. A formal counseling stating expectations and goals will be gone over, signed, and maintained on each Marine. The mentorship sessions will open the relationship between junior and senior Marines and help instill a better sense of belonging.

Our next strategy to improve command climate will focus on leadership development. We need to encourage every Marine to attended appropriate PME schools to become more technically and tactically proficient. We will also improve leadership skills by delegating more responsibility to the NCO’s. By empowering the NCO this will provide aspirations to junior Marines to grow in their personal and professional goals. The Platoon Sergeants and SNCO’s will be there for appropriate guidance and supervision without hindering the development of the NCO’s .

Our final recommendation to improve command climate is to improve morale, unit cohesion and esprit de corp. We can accomplish this by scheduling events such as family days, mess nights, jane wayne days and field meets. This will give the Marine a sense of belonging and encourage friendly competition. By involving our Families this will allow the Families a better understanding and respect of what their Marines due on a daily basis. This will allow for better communication on the home front, thus resulting in less problems and higher morale at work.

Gunnery Sergeant’s importance
The Gunnery Sergeant will be vital to the implementation of all three strategies....

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