Philosphy from a Home Health Care Nurse Perspective

Philosphy from a Home Health Care Nurse Perspective

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My Philosophy of Nursing from a Home Health Care Perspective

“Nursing involves assisting the self-care practices to sustain life and health, recover from disease or injury, and cope with their effects” (Creasia & Parker, 2007, p. 115). In reading Orem’s overview of self care deficit theory of nursing this is very applicable to home health care nursing. In my philosophy of nursing I have observed a lot of similarities to his theory. In nursing theory there are four central concepts of nursing, they are defined as person, environment, health and nursing. These four concepts are noted as a metaparadigm of nursing.

The concept of person has been central to nursing theories. Yet, the research and theory development have been founded on a generic (individual) person from an ahistorical, acontextual, and holistic discourse (Drevdahl, 1999). Thorne et al. (1998) noted that “nursing scholars have attempted to improve upon the subjectivity of person by increasing the complexity of the concept. Yet, categorizing the generic person as an individual agent risks categorization of persons from an either-or viewpoint in an attempt to ease the challenges of complex subjectivity”. This represents a profound statement in that each person regardless of economic stature or how they rank in society should be valued for their definition of their own person (life). Natural (chemicals) and nurtured (surroundings) is the formula of an individual whose behavior has become a product of their environment. The outcome is a person who is constantly changing throughout their life. “The environment is an irreducible, pandimensional energy field indentified by pattern and integrated with the human energy field (Rogers, 1994)”. Environment is the physical and emotional surrounding at any given time. In the clinical setting I feel the nurse can control the surroundings. There is also a crucial aspect of the environment; this would be the emotional setting. If the patient, caregiver and...

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