Phonetics and Morphology Review

Phonetics and Morphology Review

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Phonetics Review

Phonetics : general studying of the characteristics of speech sounds
Articulatory phonetics : the study of how speech sound are made or articulated
Acoustic Phonetics : dealing with the physical properties of speech as sound waves in the air
Auditory Phonetics(perceptual phonetics) : dealing with the perception , via the ear, of speech sound
Voiceless sounds : the vocal cords are spread apart , the air from lung passes between them with out blocking
Voiced sounds : the vocal cords drawn together , the air from the lung repeatedly push them apart as it passes through, creating vibration effect

Place of articulation : the location inside the mouth at which the constriction takes place
Bilabials : sounds formed using both upper and lower lips
Labiodentals : sounds formed with the upper teeth and lower lips
Dentals : sounds formed with the tongue tip behind the upper front teeth
Alveolars : the front parts of tongue on the alveolar ridge
Palatals : a hard part in the roof of your mouth-hard palatal, the tongue and the hard palatal
Velars : beyond the hard palatal a soft area-soft palatal(velum), the back of tongue against the velum
Glottal : produce without the active use of the tongue and other parts of the mouth

Manner of articulation (air stream) : how they are articulated
Stops : stopping the airstream ( very briefly) , a blocking or stopping effect of the airstream.
Fricatives : almost blocking the airstream and having the air push through the very narrow opening.
Affricates : combine a brief stopping of the airstream with an obstructed released which cause some friction
Nasals : when the velum is lower and the airstream is allowed to throw out through the nose.
Liquids: /l/-lateral liquid, letting the airstream flow around the sides of the tongue as the tip of the tongue makes contact with the middle of alveolar ridge
Glides : produced with the tongue in motion(gliding) to or from the position of a vowel and...

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