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Task 2

McDonalds PLC is a public limited company and it’s a tertiary sector business. McDonald’s are set up in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald in the United States of America and they were the first fast food in America, they were financed by people buying shares in the business, then in April 15, 1955 there was franchisees founded McDonald’s, McDonald’s then started to expanded in the UK an around the countries and now there are about 120 McDonald’s in the country. The liability that the owners have is that they make sure that the franchisees are making profits, and if any of the franchisees don’t make any profits, then they would have to take action.
The aim for the McDonalds business is that they give a good service, and the objective for the business is that they get more and more customers and that they make a good product that

The first group plc is a public limited company and it’s a tertiary sector business because the business provides service. First Group Company has buses, train, and coach’s service in the UK. First group company have been financed by shareholder investing shares in the company and the company has unlimited liability. The First Group Company has now expanded around the UK providing safe transport for the public. The First Group company operated by have bus station around each city in the UK, and they also are operated by employing more staffs to provide transport. The aim

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