Photonics Sensor Market

Photonics Sensor Market

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Photonic sensing technology integratestransmission,emission,amplification, deflection and detection of light by
optical lasers, instruments and other light sources. It provides cheaper, smaller, faster and lighter components and
devices with superior functionality and less energy consumption.Photonics started with the development of the laser
and optical fibre for transmission of light beams Photonic sensors have been used in various industrial and
laboratories for detecting physical, chemical and biological parameter.Photonic sensors is defined as the
combination of scientific knowledge and techniques which is applied to generate,propagate,control, amplify, detect
and process the signals of optical spectrum.
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Photonics sensor has been standardized as afacilitating technology which impacts, extends and underpins the
industrial sectors from security to healthcare, telecommunications to manufacturing, environment to energyand
biotechnology to aerospace. Photonics sensing technology in all the sector are recognized as optical radiation which
is an intelligent application of lightsuch as photodynamic medical treatment or a replacement of outdated
technology including lighting and signagetechnology instead of incandescent lamps.
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