Photopolymerization in Medical Applications Market

Photopolymerization in Medical Applications Market

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Photopolymerization is a phenomenon in which a liquid resin is converted into insoluble poylmer material upon
irradiation with a light source. The radiated light is often in the ultraviolet or visible region of the electromagnetic
spectrum and interacts with light sensitive compounds called photoinitiators to create free radicals. These radicals
can initiate polymerization of formulated mixtures of oligomers, monomers, and other components such as
pigments, diluents, etc. to form crosslinked rigid polymers. The process of photopolymerization is also called as UVcuring and today products manufactured using these technologies are ubiquitous in our environment. Fundamental
research in the area of photopolymerization has lead to increased understanding of the mechanisms behind crosslinking of polymeric mixtures. The outcome of this being increase in array of applications for this technology in
industrial and medical sector. Some of the important products in which this technology finds application include
electronic gadgets, domestic appliances, food and beverages containers, and automotive products. Application of
this technology in medical applications is a recent market and hence is very niche compared to other applications
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