Php Interview Questions

Php Interview Questions

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PHP Interview Questions
General Web Development
1. What is C is CSS. What does Cascading actually means.
2. What are inline and block level elements in HTML
3. Using JQuery / JavaScript , extract all the links ( tags) from an HTML page and display a list with the links (href of the extracted tag)
4. Can we use Try Catch syntax in JavaScript?
PHP - General
1. OOPS Concepts – Static class, public class, inheritance, polymorphism
2. Case study – Zip and Rar files
3. Design patterns (singleton, factory etc) ask for a specific example
4. Regular Expressions
5. What tools do you use to code in PHP (Dreamweaver, EditPlus, Notepad++, PHPMyAdmin)
6. How do you debug your PHP code?
7. What is MVC? Have you used any MVC based PHP frameworks. (CodeIgniter, Symphony etc). Why you chose one framework over another.
8. How are the variables passed in PHP (ByRef, ByValue (Default)). If you want to pass a variable by Reference what is the syntax (append a & before the variable name)
9. What is difference between include and require in PHP
10. What happens when a form submitted to a PHP script contains two elements with the same name?
A. They are combined in an array and stored in the appropriate superglobal array
B. The value of the second element is added to the value of the first in the appropriate superglobal array
C. The value of the second element overwrites the value of the first in the appropriate superglobal array
D. The second element is automatically renamed
E. PHP outputs a warning

11. What is the name of a function used to convert an array into a string?
The serialize function takes a complex data structure and returns a string that can later be used by the unserialize function to reconstruct the original data structure. A valid answer to this question could also be the implode function, which concatenates each element of an array with a “glue” string.

1. Index – how many types and why indexes are required
2. Question on Joins

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