Phyiscal Development

Phyiscal Development

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Name: T.C
Age: 18 months
Gender: Male
Number of Adults Present: 1
Number of Children Present:1
Method of observation: Check list
Start Time:5.15
Finish Time:7.30
Area being observe: Physical
Details of child: This child is a very happy active little boy. He is an only child.

Aim: My aim for this observation is learn how to do a check list observation correctly. To learn more about the physical development area. Learn how to evaluate the physical development. To see if this child has met all of his physical development milestones. Learn what the theorises have said about the physical development of a child and the implications if any for not meeting milestones and the correct stages.

Location of observation: Childs home
Permission from:
Relationship to child: Father of the child
d: Physical


T.C. is sitting on the floor in the sitting room with A, A rolls a ball down the room T.C. using his both arms and hands pushes himself up to a standing position he starts to run after the ball right foot first. T.C. stops at the door were the ball has stopped rolling, he bends down and with his right hand picks the ball up and runs back to T.C. T.C again with his right hand gives the ball to A, A says “thank you are a very good boy” T.C. runs of laughing and babbling to himself. T.C. bends down and picks up a book using his right hand he then runs to the centre of the room to the table and stops and places the book on the table, he then runs around the table. T.C. looks at A who has now moved and is sitting on the couch and smiles he then puts both hands on the table he lifts his left knee and using his upper body and left knee he pulls himself up onto the table. He is now in a crawling position on the table and then sits in between his own legs in a kneeling position he then uses his hands to push himself up into a standing position, A stands up and walks fastly towards the table saying “get down from there” T.C....

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