Phys term

Phys term

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Electrical Vehicle: The car of a future

Electrical Vehicle:
The car of a future
In all times and among all nations transport have been playing extremely important role. Today, the existence of any country is impossible without transport network. In the twentieth century, especially in the second half, huge changes have occurred in all countries of the. Population growth, increased consumption of material resources, urbanization, technological revolution, and natural- geographic, economic, political, social, and other fundamental factors have led to the fact that the transport network of the world has received unprecedented growth. Along with the growth of the numbers of vehicles produced, conventional forms of transport undergo radical reconstruction: speed was increased, design was changed, efficiency enhanced, more cars became available for people with different financial positions. At the same time some transport problems have emerged. These problems caused mostly by excessive development the automotive industry. Hypertrophied fleet of large cities in Europe, Asia and America is causing constant traffic jams on the streets. Moreover, these problems deprives citizens of the advantages of fast and maneuverable way of moving. The most important aspect of rapidly grooving production of vehicles seriously degrades the environment.

Transport as a particularly dynamic system has always been one of the first “customers” for the discoveries and achievements of various sciences, including fundamental. It is difficult to come up with a field of research that have no relation to transport. Fundamental research in sciences such as mathematics, physics, mechanics, thermodynamic, fluid dynamics, optics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, hydrology, biology have particular importance for its progress. The results of applied research conducted in the field of metallurgy, engineering, electromechanical , structural mechanics, telemetry, automation, and more...

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