Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction

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Inro- “From all that is written I only appreciate what a man writes with his blood”
“I celebrate myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” (Walt Whitman)
Lovers with all of their passionate stories, Romeo and Juliette, Guys and Lily – Arabic lovers- and many couples whose stories fired our emotions and raised our heart beats madly. Love poems and novels which increased our hiding thirst for love and awaking the lump we suffer every night we get to bed alone. It is love that we never can escape from. Why do people fall in love? Is it one's destiny to fall in love? Many questions run into our noisy minds that we couldn't answer. We might have some ideas about the reasons and effects, however.

Physical attraction is the first cause of falling in love. Usually, a person has this powerful feeling toward another one. He or She cannot help it. It is very intense, irresistible, and so strong that it would be like a magnet. The beauty of the face, shape of the eyes, the body and its details, and even the scent of the person, all of these might gather people in love. Probably, people would say it is just hormones and a strong desire to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, but in most cases physical attraction is the first strike that lights the fire of love.

A stronger cause to fall in love is emotional emptiness. People seek to fill their emotional emptiness with love in most times. Once you taste love, you won't forget it. For those people who suffer from loneliness, feeling of emptiness and isolation, they see love more than a golden ticket. It is their highway to happiness. Hence, fulfilling this emptiness with someone they love will end their thirst and bring their salvation form their suffering of emptiness. Furthermore, emotional emptiness is a need that most be fulfill and due to that love is a mean to find this goal.

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