Physical Development Essay

Physical Development Essay

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Physical development observation

The aim of my observation was to observe my TC’S physical development according to Elis Flood- Child development for students in Ireland. To assess her gross and fine motor skill. Also, to look at where I can work with her in the future, to promote further development.

I choose to assess my target child’s physical development by using the checklist method as I felt it was the best way to record the information I needed. I could easily test each one myself and with only a yes or no answer and/or a brief comment it wasn’t overly complicated. In general according to Elis flood- child development for students in Ireland, my TC is reaching the developmental norms for her fine-motor skills but not in her gross-motor skills.

‘Gross-motor skills are skills that involve large muscles, such as crawling, walking and running’ and ‘fine motor skills are skills that involve the small muscles of the fingers, such as picking up a small object, eating with a spoon and buttoning a shirt’ Child development for students in Ireland-Elis Flood.

From observing my TC’S Physical development I can see that she is meeting the norms in her fine-motor skills. My TC always uses the tripod grasp, (holding an object with the thumb, index and middle fingers) whilst colouring with crayons and scribbles over and back with random dots. My TC easily stacked three wooden blocks for me showing me that she didn’t seem to have any problem with it. I was impressed to watch my TC seem to be very interested in the bead threading. She threaded the large beads with ease and didn’t seem to want to stop so I left her with them to carry on. I observed whether she used her pincer grasp, (when you pick up a small object between your thumb and forefinger) whilst she was eating at snack time. Her parents had sent in some grated cheese which she picked up using the pincer grasp. These are all in line with the developmental norms as outlined by Elis Flood.

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