Physics Motors and Generators

Physics Motors and Generators

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Electricity is the industrialized world’s key energy source. This is because it is relatively easy to produce from other energy sources; is relatively easy to distribute and can be easily converted into other energy forms such as light, heat, sound and mechanical energy. An electric motor is one such electromechanical device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy.

According to the laws of magnetic poles, like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other. Every magnet has a magnetic field surrounding it. This ‘field’ is a region around a magnetic material or a moving electric charge within which the force of magnetism acts. Magnetic fields are showed in diagrams through lines. These lines show the magnitude as well as the direction. Magnetic field lines emerge from the north pole and arrive at the south pole.

Motor Effect and Right hand palm rule
The basic principle behind the working of dc motors is the ‘motor effect’. Any object carrying an electric current will have its own magnetic field. Hence, a current carrying wire will produce its own magnetic field. When this wire is placed in an external magnetic field e.g. between two magnets, then the wire’s magnetic field will interact with the external magnetic field of the magnets. This interaction will generate a force on the wire causing it to move. Michael Faraday discovered this effect and is known as the motor effect. The direction of this induced force can be determined using the right-hand palm rule.
When the right hand palm rule is in use:-
* The thumb is in the direction of current flow
* The fingers are in the direction of the magnetic field
* The palm is in the direction of the force

Right hand palm rule
The force acting on the current carrying wire depends on many factors-
Magnetic field- the stronger the magnetic field, the stronger the force acting on individual electrons. Therefore the force on wire is...

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