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Weight Powered Cart Summative Project Report


The purpose of this report is to analyze the motion of weight-powered car built for this experiment by applying the knowledge taught in the grade 11 physics course to a real life scenario. The report will analyze the cart's motion using fundamental understandings of classical mechanics, including knowledge about kinematics, dynamics, work, energy and power learned over this course. Through this real life application of physics, students will use their knowledge about physics to analyze the kinematics, forces, and energy within the system of a moving weight-powered car by using data gathering and analysis skills.


1. One end of the 3 m long ticker tape was taped on to the cart and the other end was pulled through a ticker tape recorder that places 60 dots every second.

2. The can was dropped, and the cart started to move, the ticker tape recorder was activated simultaneously. After the can dropped on the base of the cart, the cart was allowed to coast until it stops moving. The distance that the cart travels, which includes the distance that it coasts, was recorded on the data sheet.

3. The mass of the can and the mass of the cart along with the weight were measured using a balance and recorded on the data sheet.

4. The distance between every 6 dots, or the distance for every 0.1 s, on the ticker tape was measured and recorded on the data sheet.

5. The height at which the can begins to fall was measured and recorded on the data sheet.

Analysis Part 2
Distance Time Data*
|Time(s) |Distance(m) |
| 0 |0 |
|0.1 |0.022 |
|0.2 |0.046 |
|0.3 |0.071 |
|0.4 |0.099 |
|0.5 |0.129 |...

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