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Multiple Choice. Circle the correct answer(s). (1 mark each)

1. You are standing in a moving bus, facing forward, and you suddenly fall forward as the bus comes to an immediate stop. What force caused you to fall forward?

A) gravity

B) force due to friction between you and the floor of the bus

C) normal force due to your contact with the floor of the bus

D) there is not a force leading to your fall.

2. A monkey is sitting at the top of a tree 20 m high from the ground level. A person standing on the ground wants to feed the monkey. He uses a bow and arrow to launch the food to the monkey. If the person knows that the monkey is going to drop from the tree at the same instant that the person launches the food, how should the person aim the arrow containing the food?

A) He should aim it above the monkey. B) He should aim it below the monkey.

C) He should aim it at the monkey. D) None of the other choices is correct.

3. Suppose that a car traveling to the West (-x direction) begins to slow down as it approaches a traffic light. Make a statement concerning its acceleration.

A) The car is decelerating, and its acceleration is negative.

B) The acceleration is zero.

C) The car is decelerating, and its acceleration is positive.

D) A statement cannot be made using the information given.

4. A pilot drops a bomb from a plane flying horizontally at a constant speed. Neglecting air resistance, when the bomb hits the ground the horizontal location of the plane will

A) be in front of the bomb.

B) depend of the mass of the bomb when it was released.

C) depend of the speed of the plane when the bomb was released.

D) be behind the bomb.

E) be over the bomb.

5. As a car drives with its tires rolling freely without any slippage, the type of friction acting between the tires and the road is

A) kinetic friction.

B) static friction.

C) a combination of static and kinetic friction.


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