PI mod 1

PI mod 1

1. A large art gallery has hired you to photograph every individual framed painting in the gallery for an upcoming exhibition. They require colour accurate copies of the artwork for use in a catalogue.

I would take the two small format DSLR cameras with full sized 35 mm sensors. One for back up.
I would use a telephoto / normal lens, the 50mm and 100mm macro lens to capture fine detail of paintings.
I would take the tripod to keep the camera steady and take pictures without any blur and to get nice sharp images
The polarizing filter would help with the minimizing of reflections if the paintings are shiny or behind glass.
I would also take the transportable studio flash gear for correct exposure on the paintings .

2. An advertising agency has hired you to photograph individual pack shots of a range of packet soups. The soups come in small rectangular boxes which have a glossy finish. They want the pack to look heroic and important.

I would use the135mm lens as it is commonly used for photographing food to get a sharp in focus image and blurred background, I would also use the 90 mm tilt-shift lens to make the soup look larger than life making It look heroic
Polarizing filter to minimize the reflections of the glossy finish and the tripod for blur free, sharp images.

3. A mens magazine has hired you to shoot an action outdoor fashion feature of a male model in the city CBD wearing various business suits. They want lots of movement in the images and are happy with some motion blur.

I would choose the 20mm, 50mm and the 300mm.. 20mm because it’s a nice wide angle and would capture the CBD architectural nicely. 50mm for portrait shots waist up at an intimate distance 300mm for pin sharp wide open images with blurred background / motion

4. A sports magazine wants you to photograph an afternoon football match and they get you a press pass, which allows you access to the playing field. They want high contact physical shots with frozen...

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