Piano Music

Piano Music

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The Piano

Music in general fulfills me, but I'm particularly a sucker for pianos. I love playing the piano, listening to the piano and even just looking at one. I have liked the way it sounds since I can remember.

I have been playing the piano since I was seven years old, or more like playing with it. I'm 21 now, and I didn't receive my first real lesson until I was 19. One day when I was six, my mother picked me up from school. As we approached our home, I say a small keyboard outside of a neighbors house by a tree. It was ready to be picked up along all the other garbage. I had asked my mother if I can have it. She told me “NO!”. She explained to me that if it worked it wouldn't have been thrown away. As stubborn as I was I pretended to go to the backyard to play, and picked it up anyway. I brought it up to my room and put some batteries into it. It worked. I was ecstatic. I realized I wouldn't be able to hide it for long, so I figured, if I play a song for my mother she'll let me keep it. I tried my best to learn a song. It was impossible. My mother found it and through it away. I went outside to look for it several times. It was gone.

Later that same year my birthday came around. To my surprise I got a keyboard. I was very excited. One day while playing with it I accidentally played the first three notes to “Happy Birthday”. I then made it my mission to learn the rest of the song. And I did. It wasn't exactly the way peple know it to be, but at that point it sounded perfect to me. I showed my whole family. They were very impressed. I continued to play little kid songs for the years to come. When I reached Junior high school, my taste in music slowly progressed to radio stations. It was a completely different. I began to try and play the music I heard. It was Impossible. I tried very hard for months and one day I finally did it. I was able to play some parts of Britney Spears' “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Although people usually needed me...

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