Picking Up the Car from the Back End

Picking Up the Car from the Back End

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Chapter 3
I was over at a friend’s house and thought it would be cool to show my friends how to pick up a car from the back end. As I lifted the car, I felt a sharp pain in the lower region of my back. I dropped the car and wasn’t able to stand up straight I couldn’t move very fast at all. I had to ask my friend’s mother for a ride to the hospital, while I was there I met a beautiful woman and we exchanged phone numbers. Shortly after we started dating we realized that we didn’t share any common interests and we went our separate ways.

Chapter 4

My dog Lilly has a broken tail. Lilly’s original owner accidentally shut her tail in a door, that is the main reason we brought her home. The first time I seen Lilly’s big floppy ears and big brown eyes, I knew I was going to take her home. I knew we saved Lilly from a unhappy life, or maybe even death.

Chapter 6

Lilly and Dakota are my two Chihuahuas and they share a lot of similarities and differences. Lilly and Dakota both love to play ball, chase a red lasers, and eat treats. Lilly is the oldest one of the two dogs, but she uses a lot of energy playing tug of war. Dakota is less active and loves to lay on my lap to stay warm. Lilly and Dakota are both Chihuahuas, but their personalities are completely different.

Chapter 7

The speed of your computer depends on the amount of memory installed, for example: if you had a brain the size of a golf ball you wouldn’t be able to remember much, but if you had a brain the size of a basketball you would be able to remember much more. I f you want or desire a faster computer I recommend more memory random access memory (ram) to speed up your computer.

Chapter 8

Prerequisites’ are steps in which advancing in your job or school are required, for example: in order to advance to the next course in your studies you need to finish your prerequisites’ before you can advance to the next course. A Passport is a prerequisite in order to travel to...

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