Pie and You

Pie and You

Final Exam Small Group

A community can be defined as, “ A small group is a transformational community that studies the Bible, prays and participates in God’s mission together for the purposes of God’s transforming work.” (Pg. 14) When with a community you have the ability to study God’s Word while having others to keep you and others accountable. In a community you don’t do it when it is convenient for you. You do it for the whole community; this will end up not just benefiting yourself but others in your community as well.

Through being accountable for others in your community you and your group becoming a transformational community. Transformational community is, “... the critical component of any thriving small group. Transformational communities have specific practices, disciplines that create the space for transformation to happen: these involve studying the Scriptures, praying and participating in God’s redemptive mission together. We’ll take a brief look at each of these disciplines now and unpack them in greater detail in future chapters.” (Pg. 15) God made us for community. God made us to be there for others and to help them get a further grasp on their own faith and maybe for you to achieve a clearer understanding of your own faith.

Jesus’ capability to gather people who have come from many different backgrounds is an example that us Christians should follow. Jesus did not avoid these people that most people would even look at, yet he would share a meal or spend a long time with this person telling the good news. Jesus positioned himself to seek these people not because he wanted to talk or hang out with them, he did it because he knew the people he was targeting were people that needed to hear the good news, or for him to share the word with. If you group up with people that you already know what is there to learn from your fellow piers in your group? When you find yourself in a small group with people you don’t know there is a chance that you...

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