Pied Beuaty

Pied Beuaty

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Pied Beauty Essay

Explain the ways the poet expresses his admiration for nature and god.

The poem Pied Beauty written by Gerard Manley Hopkins is a Curtal Sonnet that was written in 1877. The main focus of this piece of anthology is the author’s view on god’s creation of nature and how we take the simple things that he has created for granted. The author expresses his admiration for nature and god by using various techniques such as Adjectives, Compound Words and Sprung Rhythm Etc. In this essay I shall explain how the poet has used some of techniques highlighted to convey the author’s admiration of nature.

Firstly the author takes close attention to describing the detailed parts of nature. A quote portraying this is on line three “For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim.” This quote implies that the author takes attention to the finer detail of things. The reason he can easily accomplish this is because he is a trained painter and he takes attention to minute detail and sees things in miniature (sees things in nature in more detail than a normal person would) The reason this is important is because it informs the reader that Hopkins wants us to see the beauty of the tiniest things in life. He uses nature to portray this opinion because people do not stop and appreciate what god has created. This also has a reference to the title as it also tells the reader that even the dullest of creations have different shades of colour in them and are unique in everyway.

Moreover the Poet uses content in his poem as if it is a prayer. For Example “Glory be to God for dappled things” This shows that poet is praising the lord for all the coloured creations In the world. It is written so that poet is thanking god for the trout in the rivers and the colourful sky etc. He uses this technique again at the end of the poem also to emphasize his message of appreciating the creations of god more. Hopkins also likes to show his admiration to god by...

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