Pilgrims Progress What I Think About the Book, What I Like/Dislike, and What I Would Change.

Pilgrims Progress What I Think About the Book, What I Like/Dislike, and What I Would Change.

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What I think about the book, what I like/dislike, and what I would change.

Pilgrims progress was written by John Bunyan and first published in 1678. I think that at the time of writing the story had a different and more relevant meaning to the people of that time. I also think the language and style of writing would be more easily understood by the people of that era. When I read this book I found it hard to follow as there were large amounts of consecutive dialogue where I would forget where in their journey the characters reached, and wonder if I had missed a bit. In comparison to the amounts of dialogue, the details of description about the settings and scenario were scarce. When I read the book I found the language hard to read and I often got stuck on the long words. It would have been helpful if I had first read a simpler version of this book to discover what the story was about and to further my understanding of the concepts it was describing.

In the story I found it confusing the way the author used descriptive names for characters such and “faithful” and “hopeful” and then changed to everyday common names such as “Joseph” and “Samuel.” I find it hard to understand why he did this. I also felt that some of the negative descriptive names such as “ignorance” limited people in the ability to change their ways and that their ignorance led to them to being judged by their name. I didn’t think this was fair, which brings me on to another point that I feel when someone in the story did some thing dishonest and wrong, they were condemned, which I feel doesn’t agree with what God says about forgiveness and that we should forgive people seventy-seven times. I don’t think the story really picks up on forgiveness being a virtue. Also, I didn’t understand how the characters were so eager to get to the celestial city, but then ended up staying for months at someone’s house. I guess they must have liked it there. I found that the actual...

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