Pilot Study on Macdonald Food Chain Departments for Successful Change

Pilot Study on Macdonald Food Chain Departments for Successful Change

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The assumption underpinning many recent writings about how can the Marketing department, Finance department, and Human resource department to make the business has a success change. However, this paper reports on the findings of a pilot study within MacDonald, a largest fast-food restaurant chain, which proof that cooperation between those departments is the most important role of the change. The findings of this study suggest that successful change needs to be clear on where it is heading and what it will be like when the change has been completed. The paper also contributes to understand the role of those department and management of the firm.


In the corporate world and life change is inevitable. If the corporate keeping sagging profit or declining competitiveness, corporate need to consider do they need to have a “change” or not. When the company decided to have a “change”, the Marketing department, Finance Department and Human Resource Department should take a leading role in this important decision.

A successful change, market positioning & repositioning is necessary. Marketing orientations relates to a perception or attitude a firm holds towards its product or service, essentially concerning consumers and end-users. There exist several common orientations, Production orientation, Product Orientation, Selling orientation, Marketing orientation and Holistic orientation.

Production orientation, the assumption is that customers will prefer easily available low cost goods. In fact, corporate will flood and dominate the market if produce efficiently, result that the products are widely and better competition. However, Product Orientation, the assumption is that can let us know the customers prefer quality, performance and innovative features in a product and therefore, prefer to buy them. Product improvement is the quickest way to make your product become more superiority to make the product automatically bring...

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