Pine Nuts Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Pine Nuts Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

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´╗┐Brazilian Pine Nuts mainly from Brazil, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a relaxing, upscale food with high nutritional and medicinal value. Oleic acid contained in pine nuts, linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, with the role of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Phosphorus contained on the brain and nervous system benefits, can make up the five internal organs, complement deficiency, white and moist skin, educational force. Long eat, prevents cholesterol and cause cardiovascular disease.

Nutritional value Brazilian pine nuts
Anti-aging pine nuts
Pine nuts are rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, can play within cells and inhibit lipid peroxidation of cell membranes, protecting cells from free radical damage. Thereby protecting the integrity of the cell, holding many important intracellular enzymes normally function.
Pine nuts prevent cardiovascular disease
Pine nuts contain fat, mainly linoleic acid and Pino convergence acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, and can be adjusted to reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels and prevention of atherosclerosis. Unsaturated fatty acids can reduce platelet aggregation and increased anticoagulant effect, it can reduce blood fat and blood viscosity, prevention of thrombosis, has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.
Pine nuts Yin and lungs, Hua Chang laxative
Rich in fat, palm base, volatile oil, lubricate the large intestine and bowel, laxative without injury righteousness, especially for frail, postpartum illness constipation knot.

Introduction of pine nut shelling machine
Pine Nut Shelling Machine is a patented product of our company's own intellectual property rights, to achieve raw pine shelling and sorting. First grading pine nuts, then were shelling each level. This machine slipped down unhulled grain can automatically return to the hulling machine again shelling, greatly improving the degree of automation. The shelling set of high efficiency unit, whole...

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