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The entombment of Christ
By: Rogiers Van Der Weyden
Painted in c. 1460. Oil in panel

The Medici inventory of 1492 records this painting hanging in the Medici villa in Careggi, which was built by Cosimo de'Medici. The figure of Nicodemus, dressed in expensive clothing and gazing out towards the spectator, has been identified as a portrait of Cosimo. Cosimo also owned Rogier's small panel of the Virgin with the Child and Four Saints, painted in 1450, the year Rogier visited Italy, though there is no direct evidence that Rogier ever visited Florence. The work follows the Entombment of Christ from the predella of Fra Angelico's San Marco Altarpiece, painted around 1440. Fra Angelico's influence is evident in the display of the dead man, shown almost standing, with Mary and John holding his arms one on each side, and more particularly in the hill with the tomb in the rock, unusual in Flemish art.
The San Marco altarpiece was itself an important piece of Medici patronage.

*** I chose this painting, because it helps to distinguish the image of Jesus through renaissance and baroque time. In this painting, Jesus was portrait differently; he was standing instead of being carried by others. The light in the painting allows us the see the whole scene of the funeral of Christ. Looking at the picture, we can see the stop of movement. The expression of people like john the Baptist and marry were not too emotional than in renaissance’s.

The entombment of Christ
By Raphael
Painted in 1507, oil on panel.

The artist detaches himself both formally and ichnographically from traditional representations of the scene. He does not depict the deposition itself,...