Pip Process

Pip Process

( sorry, i need this site for my pip itself,( personal interest project, hsc 8000 word essay major work for society and culture) i promise to donate my finished pip to the site once i have used it :D
thanks thanks thanks. for now here is the first proposal, and first annotated bibiliography. sorry and thanks again. )

Pip Proposal

Area of interest

Proposed topic:

“Does music always reflect aspects of contemporary society?”

Hypothesis: What are you trying to prove?

Music always reflects aspects of contemporary society

Cross Cultural Component. How is your pip cross cultural?

There are two cross cultural perspectives in my pip, number one, time. Music from the last 100 years is compared with contemporary music. Number two is culture, Music from a western background to be referenced against music from a non western background, example traditional Chinese music.

Reasons for choosing this topic – why was this topic chosen?

Topic was chosen on the basis of my personal interest in music, and music’s role in society. The specific question was then formed around my interest, a relevance to the course, and a variety of secondary information I can use to validate my conclusions.

Proposed methodologies:

Proposed methodology, reason for its choice, and anticipated problems:

Personal Observation is the first methodology, and will be necessary for me to deduct my own conclusions on music and its reflections of society. It will allow me to study in depth pieces of music, and their composer’s contextual background, and draw conclusions as to the motivation of their music, and whether or not it reflected their contemporary society.
The anticipated problems that could occur with this methodology, is a failure to properly interpret an artists message. Human error, and a loss of reliability in the conclusions taken from the sources.

Interview is the second methodology, and is used to establish properly my cross cultural perspectives, an...

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