Pittsburgh Food Bank

Pittsburgh Food Bank

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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
Industry Analysis

Key Competitive Factors

Number of competitors



Threat of Substitute Products

Driving Forces


Brief Description

There aren’t any competitors (food banks) that serve the identical region as the GPCFB.

Westmoreland County Food Bank serves only one county with 4o member agencies.

Higher wages. Informed consumers, direct pay of gov’t benefits.

Brief Description

Of more than 120,000 people who receive supplemental groceries each year from GPCFB 37,000 are under 18 and 16,000 are over 65, and 17,000 have been laid-off or on disability.
In the first five months of 2008, Allegheny County had a rise of 5,353 new households utilizing an agency for the first time.
17.4 % of children in Allegheny County live in poverty.


There are 10-12 agencies that provide similar services that can be approached to become member agencies.

Partner with Westmoreland County Food Bank for long distance purchases to defray costs and advocate for common concerns.

Utilize the food bank‘s expertise in securing and managing resources to expand services to include job and life skills training.


The need continues to grow in Southwestern PA Threat


GPCFB holds the state contract for Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) and would like to continue to do so.

Not enough funding.


Growing population of those in need, not enough donations.

Comments, Questions, Important Assumptions

Hunger is a growing concern; there can’t be too many organizations willing to help those in need.

GBCFP has comparative advantage of food bank equity, resources and capabilities.

Mission is to eliminate hunger and encourage self-sufficiency.

Comments, Questions, Important Assumptions

FY 07-08 GPCFB served an average of 95,500 individuals and project to serve 103,000 individuals in FY 08-09....

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