Pizza Hut History

Pizza Hut History

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Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut History

The legacy of Pizza Hut began in 1958, when two college students from Wichita, Kansas, were approached by a family friend with the idea of opening a pizza parlor. Although the concept was relatively new to many Americans at that time, the brothers quickly saw the potential of this new enterprise.

Featuring a delicious mix of nutritious Italian-American cuisine that includes the world's favorite pan pizza and other delectable dishes, Pizza Hut offers a cosy, friendly ambience in which to relax, unwind and have a great time with family or friends.

KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd, an associate of QSR Group, acquired control of Pizza Hut Malaysia in 1996. In 2002, Pizza Hut Malaysia was transformed from a local QSR company into an international operator with the acquisition of Pizza Hut Singapore.

Today, the Pizza Hut chain has grown to some 210 restaurants that will be operating by the end of February 2008 throughout Malaysia and Singapore, making it the pre-eminent pizza chain operator in its sector in both sides of the causeway.

With an ambition target of shooting to 240 outlets in the next 36 months, the QSR Group is confident that its pizza chain will continue to completely dominate this sector; and will be able to powerfully fend off any new competition.

Pizza Hut Malaysia's success has been due to imaginative and innovative thinking in continuously developing, marketing and promoting new pizza products with unique and distinctive flavor, taste, style and appeal.

Consistent introductions of various products and promotions throughout the years have helped drive system wide sales and reinforced the chain's reputation for 'serving the best pizzas under one roof'.

The ensuing rapid pace of the chain's growth is further augmented by a sophisticated Call Centre that has in fact increased the speed and efficiency of home deliveries. Home delivery service constitutes about 25% of the business.

With the Malaysian...

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