Placement Essay

Placement Essay

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Every determined student goal is to become a business leader of the future. It is very important to use well the study period, because getting employment after leaving university will be much simpler and easier. It is worthwhile to utilize this time not only for serene student life, but to deepen the knowledge. It is necessary to be an active student, to get in touch with companies but first of all not to waste the chance of taking advantage of business placement. Every employer already demands not only the degree but also professional experience and social abilities of graduates.

Young people often face a dilemma - on one side they would like to finish university, take all examinations calmly, but on other, is great to have their own money and provide themselves with the good start into the professional career. Everything in order to get degree and title – ticket to better world and unlimited possibilities. It is the conviction that the degree will guarantee the good job. Unfortunately, how experts are underlining – professional experience is missing.

For the third year of studies it is worth looking for the work placement. It is possible to work during holidays, a few days during the week or to take on full-time work experience. If training practice is bound thematically with studies or with the future career, it will affect academic performance. As Alexander Mandilaras recorded:

‘’ the probability of obtaining a higher degree class is positively affected by the decision of the student to go on professional placement ’’

Thanks to work placement students can test the knowledge which they gained in the process of studies, their abilities and predispositions, they can get to know the company and its requirements and can have a chance of participating in free trainings.

All practice are usually valuable lesson of the working knowledge. Abilities gained on a work placement will benefit in the future because for employer the person who knows how...

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