Placement Reflection

Placement Reflection

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I will be undertaking my placement within the manufacturing division of the training department of Morrison supermarkets plc. The training dept is responsible for all training that is carried out within Morrison supermarkets
In my role I will be part of a 3 person team and will be responsible for training in the manufacturing factories. Morison’s produce nearly 100% of their own fruit and veg and they manufacture many products such as pies , bacon and sausages in their factory, farmers boy. I’m my role I will be involved in many projects including the production of training references, ____________ and ____________ .
See appendix one for a full list of projects I will be involved in.


In preparation for the start of my placement I conducted research using the internet ( to try and gain an insight into the type of company I would be working for. I also read the placement handbookand accompanying lecture notes to ensure that I knew what was required of me front an academic point of view.

First Impressions

My first impressions of Morrisons in general was that it was a very large company and undergoing a large amount of changes including a company wide re branding. The company also give the impression that they are very keen to spend a lot of time and resources in developing collegues within the company and progressing them from store level to managerial level. They also seem to invest a lot of time and resources in their graduate programme and have large numbers of graduates who has progressed in the company.

Within my deoartment evenryone seems to be friendly and very welcoming. My sponser is very keen to help me to achieve the most out of what I can from the placement but also for me to help him to develop his training skills and give constructive feedback on his teaching methods.
I feel like I have given the correct first impression to my collegues in the department and sponsor and I feel...

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