GAC005 Assessment Event 2: Assignment

Plagiarism Avoidance

Word Count: 000
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 About plagiarism 3
3.0 Six Plagiarism Avoidance Strategies 3
3.1 Seek advice from your teacher 3
3.2 Ability of summarize 4
3.3 Manage study time reasonable 4
4.0 Conclusion 4
5.0 Reference List 4

1.0 Introduction
In contemporary society, people attach more importance to plagiarism. This report contains six major strategies of plagiarism avoidance. If you have not a specific definition about plagiarism yet, there is a brief explanation of plagiarism. We will also give you some examples to make you understand these strategies easier.
2.0 About plagiarism
Plagiarism is intentionally or unintentionally using other people's ideas or words as if it were your own. Plagiarism is a serious crime; it may lead you to be expelled from school. At least, it will hurt your grade writing task. It's easy to think you will fall into the trap, plagiarism, not carefully with your university and was given a severe warning sign of zero, it is easy to panic. So it is really important to avoid plagiarism when you write an essay.
3.0 Six Plagiarism Avoidance Strategies
For strategies that plagiarize avoidance, us students should develop self-study awareness, and try our best to support original.
3.1 Seek advice from your teacher
Seek advice from your teacher .If you can't find the answers in your information or not sure about something useful, you can’t copy from the Internet directly, you’d better to seek advice from your teacher. They are willing to help you, through this way, you can get some important messages that useful for your work, and then you will have no need to copy other’s thoughts. Just like me, once our school had a writing contest, I didn't understand the requirements of the subject at first, so I searched some material from the Internet that related to my articles. But the next day, I think this...

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