Planet Research Form

Planet Research Form

NASA is preparing to send a manned mission to each of the nine planets in our solar system, and you are on their research team. NASA has asked you to become an expert on one of the nine planets. They need you to find as much information as possible on the planet so they can plan their mission. You will need to give a presentation to NASA’s mission leader (Dr. Schlueter) and your fellow researchers. Please read below for what you will need to do to get ready for your presentation.

There are 3 parts to this project, a written part, a visual part, and an oral part.

1. WRITTEN PART: Write a research paper that gives all the information you learned
about your planet.
o Required Information to Include:
All information on page 4 (What to include in Your Project)
Bibliography Page (Cite all your sources).

2. VISUAL PART: Create a PowerPoint presentation or a poster for your topic.
o Required Information to Include:
Name (on back of poster or on title page of PowerPoint)
Information from your written part.
3-5 Pictures that relate to your topic.
Bibliography for all your sources (This can be the same one you use for your research paper).
o If you are making a poster, then make a rough draft that shows where you will put your information/pictures. If you are making a PowerPoint presentation, then make a rough draft that shows the order of your slides and what information/pictures will be on each slide.

3. ORAL PART: Prepare a 5-6 minute presentation on your topic. You will need to use
what you made for your visual part during your presentation.

Presentations are: May 12, 13, AND 14 only

Good Websites to use for research:

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