Planets Like Earth

Planets Like Earth

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Do you believe other stars have planets with atmospheres similar to Earth’s? Explain.

Given the extensive size of the Milky Way and the number of sun-like stars found in it, I would like to exercise the thought of thinking there is a possibility. Currently, astronomers have discovered a number of planets orbiting other stars, but with the technology out there, they are too far away to tell what their atmosphere is made up of. However, if one of these planets were roughly the same size and same distance from its own star as the Earth is from the sun, it might have an atmosphere similar to Earth’s and hopefully support life on it.

Soon planet real estate agents will be popping up everywhere.

It's not difficult to understand why there are so many UFO sightings that are considered hard evidence. After all, the only criterion for a UFO is that some flying object be unidentified by whoever is looking at it at the time. Any object seen in the sky, especially at night, can be very difficult to identify because of the limitations of human perception. All that is needed to create a UFO sighting is one person who may not recognize a light or object in the sky and their brains tend to “fill in“ missing information, which can mislead them.
Flying saucers became embraced by popular culture and mainstream in 1947. Showing up in comics, movies and children toys. On June 24, 1947 pilot Kenneth Arnold made a claiming statement of witnessing a gleaming aircraft that he described to be “saucer like”. Despite not having any evidence such as photos, his sighting became the first and most famous report of a flying saucer and thus created a cultural influence on the human imagination.
Astronomer Carl Sagan even noted that depictions of UFOs in entertainment often have a strong influence on how observers perceive phenomena in the sky. You’d think that with the modern technology we have in our hands, called video cameras, would help update our...

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