Making Sense of Writing

Capital Letters
• We need these to begin a new
• For proper nouns which are the
names of people, places, book and
film titles.
• Can you think of any proper nouns
which need a capital letter?

Proper Nouns
• Jenny, who lived in King Street,
Manchester, had a pet frog who
liked to jump in the air. She wrote a
book about it called The Leaping

Why do we need full
• Full stops are needed to divide up
sentences so that we know where
to pause.
• They are used when we have
finished saying one thing, and we
are going on to say something

Can you spot where we
need full stops?
• Sean was eating a large pizza he
was getting fed up with it he
decided to give the rest to the dog
the dog was happy

• We need commas to separate
items in a list.
• She had a ham sandwich, a drink,
a jelly, and a chocolate bar for

Any other reason for
• We also use commas to separate
clauses in complex sentences.
• The boy was playing with a
football, which had been signed by
Wayne Rooney.

Question marks
• Of course we use question marks
when a question is asked. This
often occurs when characters use
Can you all hear me?

Speech marks
• We let the reader know when someone
is speaking by putting speech marks
around the spoken words.
• “I will be on TV some day,” announced
Jimmy. “ Just you wait and see.”

Exclamation marks!
• Exclamation marks are used to
emphasise meaning. It could be to
:• Give a word more strength
• Show someone is shouting
• Add a sense of urgency


What shall we do now?
• First you must use capitals and full stops. Read
it out loud to yourself. Identify each sentence.
• Have you used a capital for proper nouns?
• Check if you have long sentences or lists that
need dividing up with commas.
• Have you used any questions? What do you
• Have you shown when a character is speaking?...

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