Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood Edmonton

Plan Parenthood Edmonton was founded in 1964 to advocate for the legalization of birth control. Over the years, Plan Parenthood Edmonton has broadened its focus and is now a community based non profit social agency whose mandate is the promotion of healthy sexuality for all, through education, counseling and advocacy, in partnership with the community. Its core business is providing women and men in Edmonton, primarily adolescents and young adults, with skills and knowledge to make informed choices around issues of sexuality within the context of their values, beliefs, culture and experiences. Its philosophy is based upon awareness that sexuality is a natural, lifelong health consideration and that people’s quality of life would be improved if every pregnancy was wanted and that sexual and reproductive rights are basic human rights. Thus, these elements of their philosophy direct them to work from a non-judgmental, choice oriented and sex positive approach.
The Organizational Chart of Plan Parenthood Edmonton.


Plan Parenthood Edmonton structure is based on departmentalization. It groups together activities that are related in order to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. For example, The Board of Directors as a body governs the affairs of Planned Parenthood Edmonton. The Board groups together related activities by allowing the entire transactions or units of work to be completed by one group of people. For example, at Planned Parenthood, it’s the Board of Directors that determines the strategic direction, and future programming of the organization. Second, the Board ensures and nurtures adequate human and financial resources, and actively monitors and evaluates the organization’s Executive Director, as well as service and financial result. Furthermore, the Board approves and systematically implements policies and ensures achievement of the mission of the organization and to prevent perceived, potential or...

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