Planning and Enviornment

Planning and Enviornment

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved”. – Richard Rogers.

The cities of 20th century were built on the basis of function and rationality, technical innovation and changes in social structure; which has caused concentrated human population and habitants in urban area. But at the same time we are realizing the problem of abnormal weather, pollution of air, water and ground. While entering into the 21st century what we can see around is the crisis facing the global environment and the loss of our culture. Economic development that wastes limited resources and destroys the environment brings only momentary prosperity and lacks sustainability; I believe this is the time to change our consciousness and take step towards sustainability and environment.

As architecture is an art of function it is indeed an art of environmental response; environment and planning is the appropriate demand of the new millennium. This relationship between buildings and environment is not just a recent concern; it has been a vital force throughout the history. Now it is time to return to our point of origin, to deepen our understanding of the environment and correcting our ways of mishandling the earth’s environment.
For me the planning and design is derived from considered response to climate, technology, culture and site.
Architecture is created when; through intellectual deliberation an inspired and appropriate balance between these four constituents is reached; and a singular physical entity is created.

Brought up in a developing nation like India has made me conscious about the environmental and planning issues and has developed my interests of their application.

The evaluation, elaboration and incorporation of environmental measures are as important as issue of planning, design and services. Environmentally conscious planning should be inherent in creative process of the society and built environment...

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