Planning and Non Planning Factors

Planning and Non Planning Factors


Discuss the range of planning and non-planning factors that would be taken into account in drawing up a scheme for the development of a site.

Like any other design process, site development starts with the analysis of the existing situation and the design problem. According to Roberts and Creed (2000), since building involves highly complex and valuable materials, services and spaces, it is not surprising that their form is heavily influenced by relationships of ownership and control as well as political processes and cultural practices. This is constantly redefining the relationship between planning and the development process in terms of the planning and non planning issues to consider when drawing up a scheme.

Planning and development go hand in hand. Obtaining necessary consent is a vital requirement of the development process (Havard, 2002). This is because a developer needs planning permission on planning application before any development scheme can progress and the decisions will be taken on the basis of Section 38(6) of Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 which highlighted the need for planning permission while suggesting consideration for granting planning permission(development plan and other material considerations, national policy).It stated that ‘if regard is to be had to the development plan for the purpose of any determination to be made under the planning Acts, the determination must be made in accordance with the plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise’. Also, section 70(2) Town and County Planning Act 1990 stated that ‘in dealing with planning application the local planning authority shall have regard to the provisions of the development plan, so far as material to the application, and to any other material consideration’.(Moore,2005, Edmundson,2006). Crucial to development is material consideration in decision-making. Considering the definition of development according to Section...

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