Planning for Teaching

Planning for Teaching

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This essay will explore the considerations that should be thought about when planning a scheme of work. Reece and Walker (2003) suggest the points that need to be given weight are: the entry behaviour of the students, the length of the course, the aim that has to be met, what teaching strategies and resources will be used to deliver the content and how and when assessment will take place. Corder (2002) also considers these aspects important but includes the environment in which the learning will take place as a factor. All these issues will be discussed and to give this essay more focus, a course for students at entry level, who need to learn numeracy at an appropriate level, will be examined.

Corder (2002:89) states, “Your course planning should be done with your potential students in mind”. When considering the Entry behaviour of the students on this particular course, the two issues that have to be looked at when devising a plan are: the students have come from diverse backgrounds and with different learning needs. Some have learning difficulties, others are ESOL students while yet others have had behavioural problems in the past. This immediately suggests a mixed ability group; therefore an initial assessment of their prior knowledge is necessary so the learning plan can reflect this. The use of the Target Skills assessment is a good starting place when considering how the diversity of the group can be accommodated in the scheme of work.

Next you have to consider what the aim of the course is. Reece and Walker (2003:247) refer to this as “….. an indication of the ultimate goal….” The aim of this particular course is to gain a certificate in numeracy at an appropriate level. However, there is an underlying aim for this course ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-to teach the students the numeracy skills they will require in their everyday life. This underlying aim has to be considered when constructing the learning plan so not only the mechanics of numeracy will be taught but...

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