plastic bag

plastic bag

Single-Use Plastic Bag
Community Change Project
Waste Reduction

Fort Hays State
November 12, 2014

It has been documented that regulating the distribution of single-use bags
effectively resulted in less consumption and facilitates a transition in
consumer behavior from disposable bags to reusable bags.

April 23 Council directed staff to form a community stakeholders group
to explore opportunities & challenges with single-use plastic bags.
Staff solicited the participation of our citizens and business community.
4 workshops were held.
Website developed.
Worksheet provided outlining
common themes of other local
CA ordinances

Called in the experts:
CA Against Waste
CA Grocers Association
Save the Plastic Bag Coalition

Steps to Effect the change in our


Reduce single-use bag consumption and waste in Truckee.

Option 1: Status Quo
no additional regulation
Option2: Equal charge on single-use plastic & paper bags.
Option 3: Ban on single-use plastic with a mandatory charge on paper
(consistent with most current CA local ordinances).

Stakeholders' Draft of Potential Ordinance...
• Ban all handled, single-use plastic bags less than 2.5 mil thick.
• Require businesses to collect a minimum $.10 fee on all paper & reusable bags
provided @ check-out; stores keep the fee but must record the amount of bags
provided & the associated fee on the customers receipt; Stores shall keep record of
the bags distributed for inspection by Town staff for a period of 3 yrs.
• Applies to all grocery, convenient, pharmacy and retail stores (does not effect
restaurants at this time).

Recycled Paper
Maintains low cost single-use bag
Accepted in local recycling program
Less litter
Consistent w/ other local CA ordinances
Supported by CGA
Define as…
• Manufactured w/ 40% PCM
• Contain no old-growth fiber
• 100% recyclable

Staff Seeks Council Input:


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