Platform for Brand-Management or Marketing

Platform for Brand-Management or Marketing

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Facebook as a platform for brand-management or marketing - Pitfalls and Opportunities. What strategies can brand owners execute to take advantage of the Facebook or similar platforms? What are the points of caution vis-à-vis other customer-connection mechanisms? How can Facebook be used as a post-disaster recovery tool for brands?

Content is king – without a doubt! But what makes Facebook’s content special enough to attract marketers – small and big – without disappointing its subscriber base? Like any media, Facebook has two sets of customer needs to fulfill: those of its financers (advertisers) and more importantly those of its subscribers. While advertisers will do anything to tap a substantial subscriber base, their demands from the medium will always work counterproductively in maintaining that very base! The wise media owners of today have drawn out a rule of thumb – please the audience and the advertiser will follow. But Facebook seems to have re-written these rules!

Their strategy asks the following questions:
Who says advertisements invariably repel audiences? Can an advertiser participate in a subscriber’s Facebook activities unobtrusively? If yes, then can the right presence of an advertiser’s actually attract subscriber interest? Can we develop a system that works the other way – where we please the marketer so as to attract subscribers? This last question is answered repeatedly at Facebook and the innovative answers to this question disclose the secret of the success of this vehicle as a platform for brand-management or marketing.
A medium for 400 million active users to share their lives, experiences, pictures and moods is certainly not one marketers will hesitate to tap! But it isn’t the mere size of its audience base that delights advertisers. It is the unmatched degree of consumer involvement it offers. Facebook offers a number of tools to marketers. Profile Page, Groups, Pages, Events, Notes and Photos, Messages, Marketplace, Posted...

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