Playing Beatie Bow

Playing Beatie Bow

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Characters in the text broaden and enrich the experiences of their readers…

“Playing Beatie Bow” by Ruth Park, is an amazing novel that broadens and enriches the experience of us, the audience in many various ways. . The major characters, Abigail Kirk and Beatie Bow, show us courage and determination that we can also stand forth. It shows us a broad variety of situations and how we can overcome them. We learn from this novel that love is very powerful and complicated. It shows us that not all things go our way so we just have to live with it.

Abigail Kirk is a 14 year old girl whose loving and caring parents separated when she was only 10 years old. Because of this, Abigail doesn’t receive the love she needed as a child; which lead to not understanding what love meant, as she grew older. “…but love is a thing you have to experience before you know it…how powerful it could be.” She had even confessed this to granny. (Mrs Talliskers) “I suppose I’m too young to know anything about – about falling in love.” From this experience, I learnt about the great power in love and its true meaning.

Abigail is a very hot tempered and stubborn girl who really doesn’t seem to understand anything at all. She is very selfish and greedy who puts herself as first priority. “I really don’t care for other people much…” Abigail gets into fiery arguments with her mother most of the times. This is presented in chapter 2 where four vigorous and agitating arguments are located. However, she finally realises the pain and suffering her mother went through after a vicious argument between them. “It’s true, I never really did think of what she must have felt. Never once did I put my arms around her and say, ‘Don’t mind. I’m still here.’ It was always mum who did that to me.” This very touching incident shows children that at times, we should put our arms around our unhappy mother and tell her that we’d always be there for her.

Abigail experienced and went through a various...

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