Please Focus on Superiority of Metal Crusher!

Please Focus on Superiority of Metal Crusher!

Scrap metal crusher is used for crushing various waste cans, beer cap and all kinds of metal beverage cans, paint cans, sheet metal scrap, scrap iron, tin and other metal cans, so as to reduce the transportation cost, improve the iron furnace and smelting speed. In the use of the device, low noise, smooth operation, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance is possible. The metal crushing machine is also suitable for the crushing of iron powder, mobile phone shell waste.

Metal crusher is absorb section of high-energy effect was produced by new technology equipment. This metal crushing machine equipment is a kind of waste recycling market professional equipment for crushing waste metals. Metal crusher can be used for crushing bicycles, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, computer hard drives, motherboards, iron, aluminum, aluminum cans, aluminum products, light bulbs, waste paint cans, cans, bottles, broken equipment. And the superiority of metal crusher is as follows:

1, high recovery rate, that is, a higher scrap rate of investment in steel and smelting.2, the chemical composition of each furnace steel is very stable.3, equipped with advanced separation equipment, so the lower of sulfur and phosphorus content in molten steel.4, new broken steel can fill the gap, improve loading density.5, smelting, feed less.6, smelting, electrode damage reduced.7, smelting, furnace heated evenly.8, furnace refractory lining life extension.9, and slag to reduce air pollution.10, reduce energy consumption per ton steel, saves the electricity.

Metal crusher and scrap metal crusher, the paint bucket crusher and so on a different name. Metal crusher in the mechanical equipment is a very popular on the market of crushing, crushing series products, metal crusher/cans crusher, the crushing materials are: Sprite cans, lulu pot, red bull, coke cans, not only can crush cans, also can crush paint cans, oil tank, etc., as long as it is metal can...

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