1) The author of this book is a woman and is named Griselda Gifford. Griselda has written over thirty books for children. Her latest book, house of spies, was published in October 2005.
Griselda Gifford started to write when she went at school, first she wrote novels just for fun, but after some time she figured out that here novels where very good and thought she might publish it and maybe earn some money and be successful.
When she first wanted to publish her first book she sent here novel to the The Bodley Head. At first they didn’t want to publish here novel, but after some time she went back to them and asked for another chance and she got it and managed to publish her book. Her first book The Youngest Taylor, was published by The Bodley Head in 1963. After publishing this book Griselda became happy and started to write another novel. And from the day she published the first book to the day today she has written 29 books. Griselda loves to write, and she loves to write children’s books, and from here books you can se that she writes books for children’s. Griselda is a fantastic writer and she are still writing books not only for children but for adults too.
Here are some books that she has wrote:
Earwig and Beetle

Francis the Hero

Helpful Harry

House of Spies

Jenny and the Sheep Thieves

Mirabelle's Secret

Miranda's Monster

Mystery of the Woodenlegs

Pete and the Doodlebug

Revenge of the Wildcat

2) This novel is a mystery novel. Here are some examples of some other books with the same genre as the Silent Pool by Griselda Gifford:

- Mystery of the Woodenlegs - Griselda Gifford
- Danger at the Doghouse - Griselda Gifford
- The Three White Feathers - Griselda Gifford
- House of Spies - Griselda Gifford
- Two of a Kind - Griselda Gifford

3) This book is about identical twins, one named...