PM 598 Final Exam Keller

PM 598 Final Exam Keller

PM 598 Final Exam Keller

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Product Description

TCO A) All the below are tools and techniques of conduct procurement, except (Points : 5)

(TCO A) All the below are tools and techniques of control procurement, except (Points : 5)


(TCO B) Proper selection criteria are critical for a successful project. All of the below would be considered good selection criteria for a buyer to use to select a seller, except (Points : 5)


(TCO A) Why are the project schedule and the project budget inputs of plan procurement?

(TCO B) You are creating your SOW for inclusion into the RFP. You wish to include both qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria in the RFP. Describe qualitative versus quantitative evaluation criteria. (Points : 12)

 (TCO C) Awards and incentives are commonly used in contracts. Are these simply just two different way of saying the same thing, or are awards and inventive contracts different? (Points : 12)

(TCO C) From the viewpoint of the buyer, why are award fees and incentive fees important in contracts? (Points : 12)

(TCO D) Compare and contrast sole source and single source approaches to procurement. (Points : 12)


(TCO D) Describe the typical work relationship between a project manager and a contract manager

 (TCO E) What is the purpose of creating a procurement SOW for an RFP? (Points : 12)


(TCO E) You are writing a procurement SOW for an RFP. What items are you likely to include in this SOW? (Points : 12)


(TCO F) You are preparing for contract negotiations. To achieve your desired contract negotiation results, you need not only a strategy but also tactics and countertactics. Give an example of two tactics, and state why they help you achieve the desired result. (Points : 12)


(TCO F) You are the project manager on an upcoming project. You and the contract administrator are preparing for contract...

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