Poem by Me

Poem by Me

The Dream

I once had a dream of glory and heroics
Of serving my country in great honour and love
I once had a dream of fighting for great and bold England
In a rightful cause with a patriotic buzz in my flesh
I once had a dream to go to war against the hellish figure that was Hitler.
That dream came true but what first was a dream
Ended in a never ending nightmare …

Germany I seized upon with great confidence and laughter
But behind the fake smiles were a deep thought of sadness
In my body I shivered “Is this really happening”
I tried to awake myself from the hideous nightmare
I was in the hell of the trenches looking over into the fields
Where lay sleeping corpses and fog like the skin on top of custard.

Suddenly a crash, a bang it was war I’m going to die I thought.
The trenches were thick mud filled with the blood of England.
“Masks On” were the orders, there was carnage
As people scrambled to find masks
A green sea seemed to rise from the ground and flooded the trenches.
Tormented before my eyes young boys, helpless I was.
The wicked sea of green gouged out their souls and left them
To wither away in their misery.

I was a lucky one my memories will stay
The dream I once had as now gone away
We want revenge, Germany shall pay
As my friends are in devils hand in hell they lay
That dream I onced said was never mine
It was England’s dream I realised in time

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