How are women treated all over the world? Each country has their culture and in the

culture it basically tells of how women should be treated. Some are treated poorly and some are

treated well. Women has had hardships all the over the world. In some countries, women had

banned together and got themselves heard and while other woman of the world is too scared into

what their husband or man may do to them. Women should be treated in the same way that men

are treated to that they are order for the world.

In Saudi Arabia, according to the article by Riyadh, it depicts on how women are treated

in their country. Women are treated like second-hand citizens. A woman has no voice of their

own they must obey any male figure and if they do not there will was consequences. The

consequences vary but some were harsh to them and the men did not care. A woman’s place

according to the Saudi Arabian’s culture was not very good indeed. They did not have the basic

rights as most women do in some countries. The rights can come from working, voting, and

driving. The men of Saudi Arabia try to control the women and force them to do what they want

to do. All of the men of the country do not want women to have basic rights. They believed that

women does have control like children that do not have opportunities and when they get it they

get out of control. Women, in Saudi Arabia, feel scared about speaking out and try to make their

life better but when one does the men of the country will do something to the woman to show the

other women of the country what will happen to do if they have the same thoughts or have

comment the same action.

Women in the U.S. are treated in the opposite way than women in Saudi Arabia. Unlike

the women in Saudi Arabia, a woman in the U.S. has a voice and basic right that a man has. In

the past, women did not have basic like they do now. A woman was also treated in the past like...

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