Poetry 101

Poetry 101

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Poetry Anthology

Page Poem Name Poet What???
5 What Is Poetry??
6 Limerick Explained
7 Mr. White Jessica E. Popple Limerick
8 Haiku Explained
9 My Seasonal Poetry Jessica E. Popple Haiku
10 Cinquain Explained
11 Butterflies Jessica E. Popple Cinquain
12 Shape Poem Explained
13 Dear Friend Jessica E. Popple Shape Poem
14 Onomatopoeia Explained
15 Smash, Bang, Crash Jessica E. Popple Onomatopoeia
16 Alliteration Explained
17 Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, Jessica E. Popple Alliteration
18 Similes Explained
19 Big, Yellow Bird Similes
20 Personification Explained
21 The Cake Batter and Beater Personification

Throw Away Page

What Is Poetry??

Poetry is the art of rhythmical composition, or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.
Its origin comes from the 1300’s – 1400’s and its formation is unclear.
Poetry comes naturally to some, but takes others hours to compose one.
Poetry is regarded as a form of literacy. Poems are the works of an Author, Group, Nation or Kind. This type of Literature is written in a meter or verse. A quality that suggests poetry is grace, beauty or harmony.
Limerick Explained

One of the most popular types of poetry, the limerick takes the name from a town in Ireland. Limericks are short humorous, nonsense poems that are easy to understand.
They are usually five lines long. The first two lines and have 7-10 syllables, the third and forth also rhyme with 5-7 syllables and the fifth line is practically the same as the first two. The two poetic devises used in the limerick are rhyme and rhythm.

About My Poem
I chose to write this poem as my teacher Mr White had disapproved of my previous poem, as it did not rhyme. So as I could not think of anything else to write so I wrote about him.

Mr White
I have a teacher called Mr White,
Who really likes to fly his kite,
Every single day,
In every way,
Especially in the park at...

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