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Hamlet Log

Scene 1
Summary: In this scene, Horatio and Marcellus observe the previous king of Denmark (old hamlet). After the ghost sighting, Horatio and Marcellus tell Horatio to watch for the ghost. Horatio does not and the ghost disappears. Later we find that King Fortinbras plans to attack Denmark because his father was slayed years ago by Old Hamlet.

Acting: Horatio
Because I am Horatio, I must assume that there is a ghost form of Old Hamlet. I have to act startled and scared, but remain cynical.

Scene 2
Significant Moments: The significance of scene 2 is important because it shows the pain that Hamlet is going through after his father’s death. Also it expresses Hamlet’s hatred towards Claudius’ and Gertrude’s marriage.

Personal Reactions
I think that Hamlet has every right to have hatred toward the marriage of his mother and uncle. I certainly would not accept it.

Scene 3
Summary: This scene shows Laertes leaving Ophelia and telling her to let go of Hamlet. Also Ophelia’s father tells her that Hamlet only wants to have fun with her and that he will not be there for long term. Ophelia listens to her father and promises to let go of Hamlet.

Character Relationships
This scene shows the close bond between Ophelia and her family. We see this when Ophelia does not hesitate when she is asked by her father to leave Hamlet.

Scene 4
Summary: Hamlet along with Horatio and Marcellus wait for the ghost to appear again. Once it appears, Hamlet confronts it and the ghost tells Hamlet to follow. Marcellus and Horatio disagree, but Hamlet follows.

Personal Reactions
If I was Hamlet, I would not follow the ghost because I am scared of ghosts. If my friends go with me then I might follow for a little bit.

Scene 5
Summary: After Hamlet follows the ghost, the ghost tells him that Hamlet that he is Purgatory in that he was slayed by Claudius. The ghost orders Hamlet to plot revenge against Claudius. Hamlet obeys and decides to...

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