POIC module guide

POIC module guide

Task One Brief

Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework

You need to submit two copies of this work, one on TurnItInUK via Blackboard and a hard copy to SHIP. Full instructions on how to submit through TurnItInUK can be found under the assessment tab on Blackboard.

Task Details:

The word count for this assignment is 1500 (+/- 10%) words
Information about the case study which can be found on page 43 in the module guide.

Further details will be provided during your seminars

Particular instructions to students

Use relevant theory to underpin your answer - this does not mean simply describing the theory (i.e. merely reciting the theory) but using the theory to critically analyse the problem within the case study.

Where appropriate use relevant material from the case and other practical examples to illustrate your answer.

Recommend solutions to the problems derived from the analysis of theory and the case material.

Develop a clearly structured answer which builds up an argued case.

Your work should show evidence of wider reading and understanding

The assignment should follow the Harvard System of Referencing

Assessment Criteria – Task 1

Module Title:
People and Organisations in Context
Assessment Title:
Student Name:

Student ID number:


Agreed Mark:

Criteria & Weighting
80 - 100%

Outstanding Work
70 - 79%

Excellent Work
60 - 69%

Good Quality Work
50 - 59%

Acceptable Work with some good aspects
40 - 49%

Satisfactory Work
0- 39%

Work does not satisfy assessment criteria

Identification and analysis of problems in case
Outstanding analysis of all problems identified
Excellent and wide-ranging identification and analysis of problems

Quite a few problems identified with some good analysis
A reasonable number of problems identified with some analysis
Few problems identified
Problems not...

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